Saying “Yes” To Refills And “No” To Landfills

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Monday December 9th, 2019 •

This generation’s notion in adopting an environmentally-sensitive approach in consumer products has introduced the advent of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, bags, and utensils. But the fundamental issue here goes deeper than what’s fashionable or “in” and it needs to be immediately addressed.

The alarming number of marine animals who die or get injured because of plastic trash has moved Club Paradise Palawan into establishing its own Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR initiative called “EcoConserve” program. This program covers all environment-friendly practices that have been incorporated into the daily aspects of both resorts’ operations to help lessen the property’s ecological impacts. A major component of which is the resort’s goal of minimizing plastic trash. From small practices like the replacement of plastic straws with paper or metal ones, the use of refillable pumps for the bath amenities, to bigger and more long-term applications like the installation of a more sustainable source of drinking water, Club Paradise is committed to finding ways to better care for the environment.

This 2019, Club Paradise Palawan has invested in EcoPure Water Bottling System that transforms tap water to clean drinking water. The system makes use of Classic Crystal Tropical Purification technology which includes a seven-stage water purification system that destroys microorganism and other harmful substances that may be present in tap water. The resulting EcoPure water is pure and safe for drinking and comes in either still or sparkling. The EcoPure water is elegantly packaged in hygienic glass bottles that are sterilized before and after use.

This new water system eliminates the resorts’ need for commercially sold bottled drinking water. The use of glass bottles also completely takes away any health concerns arising from plastic chemicals leaching into the drinking water.

According to several studies published in, the production of plastic water bottles requires up to 17 million barrels of oil each year, enough to maintain up to one million cars fueled for an entire year. It also uses energy that can power 190,000 homes, not to mention three times the amount of water needed in the production of one plastic water bottle. That large amount of water used becomes unusable due to its exposure to chemicals during the production process. Once the water in the plastic bottle is consumed, it takes 700 years for one PET plastic bottle to start decomposing.

Learn more about our green initiatives here.

Posted in Environmental Sustainability
Monday December 9th, 2019 • By cpmco





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