Press Reset at Club Paradise Palawan

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Sunday December 20th, 2020 •

It’s high time to give yourself the chance to take a breather, where you don’t have to always be in a rush, but instead just have to live and be fully present in the moment. Now is the perfect time to press the reset button, improve your lifestyle and take good care of your health. Being in confinement for a while, a beach escape must be on your mind. Close your eyes, picture yourself sitting by the shore with the waves blanketing your feet, and the sand sinking your toes—a restful getaway in paradise awaits you.

Create new memories in the beautiful island of Dimakya, home of Club Paradise Palawan with expansive pristine beaches, sustainable and healthy eating, diverse marine life living in the resort’s house reef, lots of fresh air and natural vitamin D from the sun. Whether exploring lush landscapes or clear turquoise waters of the Sulu Sea, satisfy your wanderlust and discover the meaning of tropical oasis at Club Paradise Palawan.

Indulge yourself in what you’ve missed the most for the past couple of months: open spaces, sunbathing by the shore and soaking up some Vitamin D, being one with nature, and going on a vacation with the people dearest to you. Wake up to a tranquil beachfront right across your villa soon and enjoy sun-drenched retreats, picnic lunches and leisure activities.

Going on a vacation can be purposeful and good for your soul. A beach getaway in particular has its own special way of healing and reenergizing our mind and body with the refreshing seascape and the calming sounds of the waves. Looking at the vast sea can also bring you a sense of peace—let the calming blue hues bring you peace and tranquility as you navigate through moments of stillness and solitude. Unwind, relax and take in the pure beauty and goodness of what nature has to offer at Club Paradise Palawan.

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Sunday December 20th, 2020 • By cpmco

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  • THE BEST! This is great for couples. It’s small and quiet with a beautiful beach. My girlfriend and I had the beach all to ourselves! For such an amazing beach that surprised me!”

    fastballfreddy, Tripadvisor

  • THE PERFECT GETAWAY! As it is being handled by Discovery Hotels, we expected it to be excellent and that is what we got. We booked a sea view cottage which had a beautiful view of the sunrise.”

    Bea G, Tripadvisor

  • TRULY A PARADISE! Spent our quick getaway in this resort. I can say that this truly a paradise.”

    Icko P, Tripadvisor

  • Great Vacation! Delightful service! Awesome staff!! The location was awesome as the beach was right in front of you and the sun sets right at your doorsteps.”

    Nino C, Tripadvisor