Coron Island Hopping Tour

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Thursday September 22nd, 2016 •

The idyllic pristine islands and astonishing granite rock formations of Coron, Palawan has captivated people from all over the world. That is why it is no wonder that the Calamianes group of islands has been included in numerous travel lists by popular influencers and travel websites. In fact, Palawan has been recently recognized as the top choice for both Conde Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure Magazine’s list of the best island in the world. Hence, a Coron Island Hopping tour is a definite must.

A tropical paradise like Palawan has many visual experiences to offer. In fact, there are numerous islands, lakes, lagoons, limestone cliffs and dive spots to visit in Coron. Here’s a guide on the must-see destinations you should not miss out when taking a Coron Island Hopping Tour:

1. Kayangan Lake. Dubbed as one of the cleanest lake in Asia, the magnificent lake boasts turquoise waters, stunning limestone formations and rich underwater marine life. What makes the lake unique is its brakish waters enclosed by beautiful towering rock formations and lush greeneries. The lake is reached by a 10 minute hike of about 150 steps. This destination is easily a favorite by most travelers as it offers surreal views of nature’s splendour.

2. Twin Lagoon. Separated by karst walls, the twin lagoon will leave you marvelling at such a magnificent sight. The first lagoon or the bigger lagoon is where the boats pass by or dock. To reach the second lagoon or the smaller lagoon, one can either swim through an opening passable during low tide or through a ladder. Engulfed by huge granite rock formations with deep clear emerald waters, which amazingly changes from cold to hot temperature due to its mixture of fresh and salt water, the twin lagoon is a one of a kind creation.

3. Barracuda Lake. An interesting lake that is often referred to as a “weird” or “crazy” dive site due to the lakes’ visible division of salt and fresh waters, which experts call thermoclines. The dramatic temperature shifts can reach as high as 38°C, which is quite hot. The lake’s name originated from the findings of a large barracuda skeleton in its waters. Note that there are still barracudas that inhabit these waters and you can chance upon and encounter with them. However, fret not as there have been no records of barracudas harming people. Barracuda lake is accessible through a 25m climb which can be a bit tricky so be extremely careful.

Photo courtesy of @borgee

4. Siete Pecados. Siete Pecados means “seven sins” in Spanish. The name of the seven islets is attached to a legend, like many other places in the country. It is believed that 7 sisters went swimming instead of taking care of their sick mother. The sisters drowned and afterwards, seven small islets appeared. Siete Pecados is a great area to snorkel in Coron as it is home to many stunning corals and vibrant marine life. Be prepared to witness a gorgeous underwater spectacle.

5. Coron Bay Wrecks. One of the World’s Best Dive Spots as listed by Forbes Magazine, Coron Bay is known worldwide due to the extraordinary Japanese ship wrecks which sunk during World War II. There’s nothing quite like seeing massive wartime vessels, each with their own characteristics and eerie charm. Some of the best Coron wreck dives you can check out are: Akutsushima, Okikawa Maru, Irako Maru and Kyokuzan Maru.

6. Maquinit Hot Springs. Heading over to Maquinit Hot springs is always a recommended and good idea after a very tiring Coron island tour. This is the best place to soothe the aching body after a day of being physical active. Maquinit is the only known saltwater hot springs in the Philippines. Its waters comes from a volcano hence it being hot. While resting and relaxing in a natural pool you will notice that the place also offers views of lined mangroves, hills and the blue sea.

Photo courtesy of @8dayspalawan

Club Paradise Palawan offers various Coron island hopping tours so you can immerse yourself to the uniquely beautiful places, culture and lifestyle of Coron.

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