Top 5 Tourist Spots in Coron, Palawan

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Wednesday May 20th, 2015 •

Planning a trip to Coron, Palawan? Read up on some of the must-visit destinations you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

1. Kayangan Lake

This iconic and well known lake is one of Coron’s primary attractions. Currently #1 on TripAdvisor’s list of “things to do in Coron”, the Kayangan Lake is a brackish body of water which makes it unique. It is dubbed as one of the cleanest lake in Asia. The magnificent lake boasts turquoise waters, stunning limestone formations and rich underwater marine life. It is accessible by a steep 10-minute hike.

2. Malcapuya Island

A tropical getaway is never complete without sparkling white beaches. Malcapuya Island is one of the many pristine beaches Coron boasts. Soak up the sun and laze all day on the fine white powdery sand of the island.

3. Twin Lagoon

One of the many beautiful lagoons in Coron is the Twin Lagoon, where you can experience the amazing merging of fresh and salty water. This favourite tourist destination has two lagoons, the first one is where the boats docks, and the second one is hidden. Access to the second lagoon is by swimming through a narrow opening and under the rocks. This masterpiece of nature will leave you in awe with its crystal clear water and towering limestone formations.

4. Sunken Japanese Wrecks

Coron Bay has gained popularity for its rich diving sites. One prominent diving site in Coron is the Sunken Japanese Wreck. This Coron diving site made it to Forbes Travel Magazine’s list of Top 10 scuba diving sites in the world. There are a total of twelve sunken Japanese ships from the 1944 World War II. Explore the wrecks as they speak a moment of history and be prepared to be blown away by a wonderful underwater discovery.

5. Calauit Safari Park

It might be a long shot from the real thing but the Calauit Safari Park offers a piece of Africa to tourists. The park is located in Calauit, where you can take a walk in the wilderness and have close encounters with the different wildlife.

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