Take Your Yoga Practice to the Beach

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Tuesday June 18th, 2019 •

The ocean has a natural way of relaxing one’s mind, body and spirit. The sound of the rhythmic crashing of waves easily transports you to a calmer place. Practicing yoga at the beach can help ease your worries and bring you to a peaceful state of being.

Here are yoga poses you can try to stay zen on your next beach trip:

Downward Facing Dog Pose

The Downward Facing Dog allows you to experience a nice rejuvenating stretch in the back of the body specifically your hamstrings and calves. As your head is in an inverted position, any tension in your neck will be released. This position is good for the wrists and can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. It also helps strengthen and tone the abdomen as you actively focus on your core region while doing this.

Photo courtesy of @tana.yoga

Warrior III

Warrior III is a strong pose that can strengthen muscles in your ankles and legs, as well as tone your core region. This pose is a great way to stretch your chest, shoulders, and hamstrings. Your balance, coordination and body posture can be improved through regular practice of this position. Just like all balance yoga poses, Warrior III can train your mind to focus better improving your memory and concentration.

Photo courtesy of @tana.yoga

Camel Pose

Camel Pose is very much perfect for beach. The sand underneath will be a soft foundation for your knees lessening the distress that you might feel as majority of your weight relies on them. This position will allow your chest and back to stretch and as they do, take a moment to soak up the sun and just bask.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose stretches the upper body, thighs and shoulders. It strengthens the muscles in your ankles and calves, and tones your core. This pose helps you gain a sense of balance and coordination. With regular practice of the tree pose, you will be able to develop deeper focus and concentration as well. It imparts the advantages of having a meditative state of mind through situations that require calmness. In order to fully gain the benefits of the pose, it is of importance to maintain grounded and calm, while staying aligned during the pose.

Balancing Table Pose

Balancing Table Pose warms up your body and is great for beginners who are focused in strengthening their core. It lengthens your spine, helps you gain a sense of balance, coordination and focus. This pose can also serve as a preparatory pose for when you try standing yoga poses like Warrior III. Coordinating your breathing and movement will also aid in relieving stress and any tension you may have.

In Club Paradise Palawan, there are a lot of perfect spots for practicing beach yoga. The luxury resort in Coron offers tranquil, serene surroundings ideal for achieving the focus and concentration needed in yoga. Guests are free to use the available yoga mats at the resort.

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Tuesday June 18th, 2019 • By cpmco

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