How to Plan for a Destination Wedding in the Philippines

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Friday July 13th, 2018 •

Planning for your wedding day can be quite stressful no matter how organized you are. In fact, it can be more stressful when you’re dreaming of a destination wedding. The key is to take things one at time. One helpful tip is to come up with a checklist of all the things you need to accomplish. The checklist will serve as your guide and will help you organize even the slightest details.

So how do you start? We came up with a three-part feature on how you can organize and plan for your special day. In this feature, we focus on the general requirements for your wedding. Just take note that this should start at least a year before your preferred wedding date, this is especially important if you’re planning a destination wedding. Hence, before jumping into creating a list of to-dos, decide first on the date of your special day. THIS IS A MUST.

Below are useful tips on what to focus on one year before your wedding day.

1. Identify a realistic budget. Yes. Any bride would love to have a most fabulous wedding, whether it be a beach wedding, a garden wedding or traditional church wedding. Who wouldn’t want one? But while fancy weddings can be quite exciting, it is best to check first how much you and your partner can spend. Remember that weddings last for only a day, but marriages are bound to be for the rest of your lives. So spend wisely.

2. Where do you want to get married? If your choice is a destination wedding in the Philippines, then the best thing to do is to research on several destinations. You will also need to factor in costs for airfare and accommodations if you’ve chosen a far-off location. Likewise, you must consider the spending capability and availability of your guests. For those who are not local residents, you must research for legal requirements that you might need in order to obtain marriage license in the Philippines.

3. Decide if you’re going for a wedding planner. This is an added cost to your budget. However, getting a wedding planner might give you some ease during the planning stage up until your special day. Another option is to scout wedding suppliers from wedding fairs. Here, you will find various vendors who offer an array of services that you would need for your wedding day. A helpful tip: most hotels/resorts have Event Specialists who can assist you not only for the venue or food, they can also recommend photographers, stylists, couturier, etc.

4. Start working on your guest list. If you’ll push for a destination wedding in the Philippines, then working out on who to invite will be imperative. This will give you time to prepare save the date invites that will be very helpful for you in identifying your final guest list later on.

5. How do you want your marriage be officiated? Are you going for a traditional wedding or a more contemporary exchange of vows? Of course, this will still depend on your beliefs and tradition. But this is an important aspect that you need to discuss with your significant other as the wedding ceremony is an integral part of the celebration.

On the next feature, we will give you more ideas on what to do from eight months prior your wedding day. Until then. 🙂

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Friday July 13th, 2018 • By jsantiago

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