How to Make Firefish Restaurant’s Pad Thai at Home

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Friday May 15th, 2020 • By cpmco

Pad Thai is one of the most loved noodle dishes in the world. It is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at most restaurants in Thailand. It’s typically made with thin, flat rice noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or tofu, peanuts, a scrambled egg, and bean sprouts, among other vegetables. Try bringing this authentic Thai dish to your home with Firefish Restaurant‘s Pad Thai recipe:


• Pad Thai sauce 4 tbsp
• Prawns
• Peeled shrimp 20g
• Carrots (julienne) 10g
• Cabbage (julienne) 10g
• Yellow radish (minced) 5g
• Bean sprout 10g
• Lettuce 10g
• Lime
• Birds eye chili 1 pc
• Crushed Peanuts 1 tsp
• Chili powder 1 tsp
• Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
• Xiao Xing wine 1 tbsp
• Rice noodles (soaked in water) 110g
• Bean curd 10g
• Chinese chives 1 tsp
• Dried shrimp 1 tsp
• Palm sugar
• Egg net 4pcs


• Heat oil in a wok over high heat and sauté shallots, bean curd, yellow radish, peeled shrimp, and
two eggs until cooked.
• Add rice noodles and vegetables, sauté for about 3 mins over high heat.
• Add chicken stock to soften the noodles.
• Add Pad Thai sauce, oyster sauce, crushed peanuts, chili powder. Keep on sautéing it for about 3
mins, until all the flavors are well incorporated.
• Deep fry prawns until crispy, then, set aside.
• On a small bowl place the egg net, put the cooked Pad Thai inside the egg net and wrap it.
• Using a wooden plate, place round banana leaf on top.
• Gently place the Pad Thai in the middle of the plate.
• Put the fried prawns on top
• Place beansprout, julienne carrots and cabbage, lettuce on the side.
• On the other side of the plate, place the lime, birds eye chili, crushed peanuts, chili powder.

Tags: , ,
Posted in Food and Beveragetitle_li=Restaurant
Friday May 15th, 2020 • By cpmco





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