Fruit Bats are not Vampires: Get to know the Fruit Bats

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Friday October 29th, 2021 •

The private island of Dimakya is the home of Club Paradise Palawan and home to colonies of fruit bats as well. These seemingly scary creatures (don’t worry, they are harmless) – rest and sleep during the day on the branches of the trees in the island. At sunset, they fly out to the nearby island in search of more food.

The Fruit Bat belongs to the Megabat family and is also called the Flying Fox in some areas. Their size varies greatly from one region to the other. Because of their diversity, these bats are frequently confused for another bat type. They are known for their large eyes and excellent vision. They utilize their vision together with their sense of smell to locate food sources. These senses also assist them in avoiding potentially harmful circumstances. Their sharp teeth allow them to puncture the fruit’s skin while their incredibly long tongues unroll when they eat, and then curl back up when they are done.

The fruit bats play a major role in the balance of an ecosystem in Dimakya Island, especially in pollination and seed dispersal to maintain plants and forests.

Some Interesting Facts About Fruit Bats

• Fruit bats have an average lifespan of 15 years.

• Their large wings help them keep warm while roosting. To conserve their body heat, they wrap themselves in those wings.

• They are herbivores and feed on leaves, fruits, flowers. nectar, pollen, sap, bud, and twigs.

• They prefer to reside in places where there is an abundance of food. The majority of them live in warmer climates where they may take advantage of a variety of fruits that are available all year round.

• Their roosting groups are called colonies.

A closer look at the fruit bats residing in Dimakya Island.

Club Paradise Palawan is home to colonies of fruit bats. They rest and sleep during the day in the island after searching for food from nearby areas.


The fruits bats at Club Paradise Palawan during sunset.

You can watch in awe as the fruit bats take flight everyday around 6 pm. The best spot to witness this marvelous flight is at the Sunset Deck of the Dugong Bar. The “Flight of the Bats” with the uninterrupted views of the Coron sunset is indeed a sight to behold!

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Posted in Environmental Sustainability
Friday October 29th, 2021 • By cpmco

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